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Michael W. Arloski Ph.D., PCC  M-Keynote 1

is a licensed psychologist, Professional Certified Coach (ICF) and a Certified Wellness Practitioner. Founder and CEO of Real Balance Global Wellness Services, Inc. (www.realbalance.com), his company has trained thousands of health and wellness coaches around the world.

Dr. Arloski’s perspective on wellness coaching comes from his pioneering work training wellness and health coaches, authoring the field’s foundational book Wellness Coaching For Lasting Lifestyle Change, 2nd Ed., and serving as an Executive Committee member of The National Consortium for Credentialing Health & Wellness Coaches.  A member of the Board of Directors of The National Wellness Institute he has also served as President of The Ohio Society For Behavioral Health.

Professionally contributing to the field of wellness since 1979 Dr. Michael Arloski is a thinker who synthesizes wellness down to what really works. Continually working to help people find ways to improve their lifestyles, he has keynoted at the National Wellness Conference and presented there over thirty times.

Michael and his wife, Deborah, work, live and play together in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Dr. Arloski’s mission is to build allies for a healthy world across the globe.

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"Dr Michael Arloski's keynote at the National Wellness Institute offered a richness, depth, and that extra measure of experience that can only come from the world's longest standing wellness coach. As a psychologist, he knows how to deliver the fascinating stories of why it makes good sense to use the coach approach in order to help people change, and he backs it with solid evidence that is compelling as well as entertaining." Meg Jordan, PhD, RN, CWP, Co-President National Wellness Institute (2014-2016) Chair, Professor, Integrative Health, Calif. Institute of Integral Studies

Very much at home at the front of the room, Dr. Arloski has keynoted the European International Spa Association annual conference as well as the Salon & Spa Conference in Sao Paul, Brazil. He has spoken at Burapha University in Thailand, keynoted the Globescope International Conference, and performed the opening keynote speech for the Coaching & Mentoring International Seminar in London. He was also a featured speaker in Ireland where he has trained many health and wellness coaches.

Closer To Home

Addressing conferences and providing workshops for state associations related to allied health professions and coaching organizations is a special niche for Michael. He has spoken across North America to hospital case mangers, respiratory therapists, cardiology personnel, rehabilitation therapists, physical therapists, employee assistance program counselors, nurses, health educators, corporate wellness program employees, disease management coaches, insurance company health coaches, and more.

Satisfied Conference Planners

"Your keynote session "The Ten Tenets of Wellness" was the keynote session that scored the highest result in our evaluations and what better way to show you the delegates appreciation, which I fully agree with, but to rewrite their own words: Excellent speaker, exceptional, moving, brilliant!" "Perfect presentation - Dr. Arloski knew what he was talking about and he was able to show us his lifestyle idea."

"How refreshing. Wonderful! Right on spot. Very impressive." "Excellent information delivered in a most effective conversational manner, convinces us we are in control and capable of following wellness tenets for ourselves." President - ISPA EUROPE"

Dear Dr. Arloski,

       We thank you so much for your two keynote speeches at the 3rd edition of the Salon & Spa Club International Conference here in Sao Paulo. Your speeches, the concepts and data you presented were really enlightening, surpassed the audience’s expectations (which were high) and opened new horizons to all of us. Your participation surely was a mark in the Wellness market in South America. Thank you again, for sharing your knowledge and experience with us and broadening our vision.


Marcus Barbour Ginjas, Operations Director. Salon & Spa Club, San Paulo, Brazil


SPEAKING TOPICS – Michael Arloski

  • "Seizing The Momentum Of Change For A Healthy World Now And In The Future Through Wellness Coaching"
    • Wellness coaching has demonstrated such effectiveness that it is now considered a "best practice,” a vital piece of any comprehensive wellness program. Thousands of wellness and health coaches work in diverse health and wellness settings around the globe. Health care’s current climate of change is very favorable causing us to ask: Are we ready to "seize the day,” capturing wellness coaching’s momentum for the maximum benefit of all? How can we move forward with professionalism, quality and effectiveness? How can we ensure wellness and health coaches deliver their services meeting high standards?  How will we address technology, "pay for performance,” reimbursement, research, integration into "Lifestyle Medicine,” and more? Join wellness coaching pioneer and thought leader, Dr. Michael Arloski as he presents the trends and hopes for the future for this dynamic force for the wellness world.

  • Creating Allies For A Healthy World
    • We thrive and succeed at real behavioral lifestyle improvement when we are well connected with others and the world around us. What the World Health Organization calls “lifestyle disease” is the leading cause of pre-mature death throughout the world and isolation is a documented health risk. Experience the vitality of “connectedness” in effecting positive behavioral change for individuals, communities and organizations. Whether we are solving the worldwide healthcare crisis or improving one’s health, it takes real allies.
  • The Puzzle of Astonishing Noncompliance: Readiness for Change In The Health-Challenged Person
    • When the heart attack victim, the newly diagnosed person with diabetes or other health-challenged person seems to resist all recommendations and efforts to help them change their lifestyle behavior and adhere to a course of treatment, their medical team and loved ones are astonished. Yet the more we admonish and criticize the more the patient pulls back and digs in their heels. Discover an entirely new approach to helping the health-challenged person with psychologist and lifestyle behavioral expert Dr. Michael Arloski as he offers an intriguing and compassionate solution integrating what we know about grief, readiness for change and self-actualization theory.
  • Wellness Coaching For Lasting Lifestyle Change
    • Join pioneering wellness coaching author Dr. Michael Arloski as he shares what over four thousand wellness coaches have taught him about coaching successful lifestyle improvement. Obtain the keys to effective wellness coaching applications in healthcare, organizational wellness programs, spa and fitness centers and personal well-being.

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