About Dr. Michael Arloski

Michael Arloski, Ph.D., PCC is a licensed psychologist, Professional Certified Coach (ICF) and a Certified Wellness Practitioner. One of the key developers of the field of wellness coaching, his book Wellness Coaching For Lasting Lifestyle Change (published by Whole Person Asscociates) is the first and most comprehensive book written on wellness and health coaching. Professionally contributing to the field of wellness since 1979 he has presented at the National Wellness Conference over twenty five times, and has keynoted and presented on wellness on four continents. He has been recognized by the National Wellness Institute (www.nationalwellness.org) as a member of it's Service and Leadership Circle.

Always fascinated with the interaction of mind and body, beliefs and behavior, Dr. Arloski was president of the Ohio Society for Behavioral Health and Biofeedback. He has taken this fascination and expertise into the field of lifestyle medicine with coaching methodologies that help people thrive, not just survive their health challenges. If there is a specialization as a "wellness psychologist", Dr. Arloski qualifies.

Continuallyworking since the late 1970’s to help people find ways to improve their lifestyles, Dr. Michael Arloski is a thinker who synthesizes wellness down to what really works. A key developer in the field of wellness coaching, he is the CEO of Real Balance Global Wellness Services llc and creator of the Wellness Mapping 360 model of Wellness Coaching that focuses on the skills Health & Wellness Pofessionals need to support Lasting Lifestyle Change.

Annalise Evenson

Meet Annalise, MA, MBA, CPCC, CWHC, PCC

Coaching Certification and Professional Background 

Annalise Evenson is a Certified Co-Active Coach (CPCC) through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), a certified Wellness Coach and Licensed Wellness Mapping 360°™Trainer through The Wellness Coach Training Institute; and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF). She is also a certified Wellness Inventory (WI) facilitator.

She brings a rich background to her coaching including 10 years of experience as a staff psychologist in Community Mental Health where she worked as a therapist and consultant to Neighborhood Health Care organizations and hospitals, and guest lecturer at Boston College, Emerson College and Harvard School of Public Health. She has over 20 years of experience in the corporate public and educational sectors working with such companies as Merrill Lynch, Security Pacific and Citigroup as part of a team to create and develop new businesses; as Deputy Director of New Technology for the Office of Management Design in the Human Resource Administration, City of NY and currently as a change process consultant to the Yonkers Public School system in Westchester, NY.

Her experiences as a therapist and in the corporate world in combination with her own wellness journey led her to begin her coaching career in 2000 as a Life Coach.  As she began to work increasingly with individuals with health challenges and caretakers with ‘wellness challenges’ she also began to explore the meaning and nature of wellness through a more expanded ‘body/mind/spirit’ lens. In 2008 she shifted her focus to Wellness & Health Coaching and working with Real Balance. Her practice today includes individual and group coaching. She has partnered with organizations such as “You Can Thrive!” In NYC to introduce and provide wellness/health coaching services to individuals with serious health challenges. Annalise brings vast knowledge and heart to her position with Real Balance - Wellness Coach Training Institute.

Linda Gogl PT, DPT, OCS, CWPC

Director of Development and Team Member

Linda is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with Board Certification in Orthopaedic’s with over 20 years in healthcare. Her professional experience includes outpatient Clinical Director, Developer/Director of an APTA Credentialed Orthopaedic Residency Program, Director of Quality Assurance for the largest physical therapy private practice in California, Credentialed Clinical Instructor, Adjunct Professor of Anatomy & Physiology, Research mentor and Clinical Coordinator for University affiliations. More recently she also served as National Director of Training and Implementation for OptimisPT, a physical therapy software system.

As a professional Linda has always been actively involved in Prevention & Wellness throughout her career but recognized that the current orthodox model was often not completely effective on it’s own. She was delighted to discover the missing component! Coaching!! Linda is a Certified Wellness and Health Coach and lends her expertise to the Wellness Coach Training Institute as Director of Development. Her mission is to advance the Health & Wellness Coaching Professionals of Real Balance by providing growth & educational opportunities to healthcare professionals so they may guide their clients in achieving Positive Lasting Lifestyle Change.

Meet E. Andrew (Andy) Wood, PT, MS, CBES, CWHC

Andrew Wood received his Bachelor's Degree in biology from Hamline University, St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1977. He completed his professional training in Physical Therapy at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota in 1979. Mr. Wood practiced physical therapy for two years in Montrose, Colorado working in acute orthopedic care and cardiac rehabilitation. Returning to Minnesota, he completed his Master's degree in 1982 at the University of Minnesota in Physical Therapy with an emphasis in exercise physiology.

Wood was the Manager of Health Promotion and Ergonomics at General Mills, Inc. for over 25 years. He was responsible for managing and coordinating the health promotion activities for manufacturing and field sales, advising on musculoskeletal injury prevention and ergonomics, along with treating employees with musculoskeletal injuries in the corporate medical department. Mr. Wood has been Director of Ergonomics and Corporate Solutions at Muve Inc in Rochester, MN where he was responsible for developing and implementing activity based wellness programs for corporate clients. Andy joined Real Blance Global Wellness Services llc in 2010 while maintianing his position with Olmsted Medical Center in Rochester , MN as Injury Prevention and Wellness Specialist.


WM 360°™Wellness & Health Coach Certification - Australia

Bob has been active in the health & wellness field in Australia since 1976 and is currently President of the National Wellness Institute of Australia, He is working to create an international partnership of wellness organisations worldwide. Induction into the US National Wellness Institute Leadership Circle recognised his work thus far in this endeavour. He currently represents Real Balance GWS in Australia while operating his own consultancy Wellness Communication Solutions.

Bob's journey in the Wellness field commenced in 1976, as Director of the Heart Beat Centre, the inaugural Preventative Health Centre in Queensland. As a HBC Exercise Physiologist he prescribed and supervised individual lifestyle programs and developed company Health Management Programs.

Chairmanship of a number of State and National bodies including Australian Fitness Accreditation Council (AFAC), Queensland Fitness Accreditation Council (QFAC) Queensland Fitness, Sport and Recreation Industry Training Council (QFSRITC), Queensland Gym Owners Association (QGOA) and Queensland Fitness and Health Association (QFHA) saw him take a leading role in the accreditation of Fitness Industry personnel. For this work he was honoured with a Fellowship of the Australian Council for Health and Physical Education (ACHPER) and Life Membership of QFHA. A Ministerial appointment to the Queensland State Steering Committee on Health Promotion in the Workplace coincided with his involvement in early QUT Workplace Health Promotion projects. Workplace Health/Wellness Promotion research and teaching led him to be a prime mover in the implementation of the QUT Staff Wellness Program and subsequently Manager of the QUT Wellness Matters Program. He is an accredited Wellness Coach, Worksite Wellness Manager and Process Communication Model Trainer.

Wellness Communications Solutions (Bob's Consulting Company)

Providing wellness solutions to organisations in Australia through consulting, training and coaching

  • Process Communication Model Training
  • Workplace Wellness Promotion Programs
  • Workplace Wellness Personnel Training
  • Wellness Seminars & Workshops
  • Wellness Mapping 360º Wellness Coach Traininhttp://www.wellnessaustralia.org/


Announcement: Samia and her company SeR Serviços em Psicologia brings Wellness Mapping 360° "Wellness Coach" Certification to Brazil! Samia has been granted the exclusive Wellness Mapping 360 "Wellness Coach" Certification and training license for Brazil. The best in evidence based wellness coaching - Samia works for the health and wellbeing of all Brazilians!

Samia Simurro

Samia and her company SeR Serviços em Psicologia are very active in the health & wellness field in Brazil. She is currently Vice President of a Brazilian Quality of Life Association


Announcement: Samia and her company SeR Serviços em Psicologia brings Wellness Mapping 360° "Wellness Coach" Certification to Brazil! Samia has been granted the exclusive Wellness Mapping 360 "Wellness Coach" Certification and training license for Brazil. The best in evidence based wellness coaching - Samia works for the health and wellbeing of all Brazilians!

Samia Simurro

Samia and her company SeR Serviços em Psicologia are very active in the health & wellness field in Brazil. She is currently Vice President of a Brazilian Quality of Life Association


  • Master in Psychology (Neuroscience and Behavior field), Universidade de São Paulo (USP), 1999
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at Universidade Celso Lisboa, São Paulo, graduated in 1984Sao_Paulo_BestPic


  • Wellness Program Coordinator (National Wellness Conference, Stevens Point - 2005)
  • Certified Wellness Mapping 360 Wellness Coach and Trainer
  • Health Promotion and Quality of Life (American University, Washington, DC – 2001)
  • Specialization in Health, Pontifícia Universidade Católica,1995
  • Diagnosis and Stress Therapy Specialization, Instituto Paulista de Stress (IPSPP), 2001
  • Cognitive- Behavior Therapy Specialist, Instituto de Terapia Cognitiva, 2005.
  • Proficiency in English (Community College, CA - 1985)

Professional Background:

  • Allianz Group (March 1996 – to date)
  • Responsible for stress evaluation of executives of organizations that has Allianz Insurance.
  • SeR Serviços em Psicologia (Jun 1997 – to date)
  • Manage partner and president of SeR company. Responsible for stress evaluation, programs implementation and follow up. Consultant in mental health and quality of life programs for different organizations.
  • MBA Teacher: Management of Quality of Life Programs from Universidade São Camilo (February 2006 – to date)
  • Responsible for teaching Bases for the Management of Quality of Life Programs
  • Teacher of Specialization course in Wellness and Quality of Life (February 2007-to date)
  • Responsible for teaching: Quality of Life and Wellness, Psychosomatic, Stress and Tendencies to Quality of Life programs.


  • Co Author of the Book: Introduction of Psychosomatic ( November 2009)
  • Co Author of the Book: Practical Guide for Quality of Life Programs: How to choose the Best Program to your Organizational ( August 2009)
  • Co Author of the Book: National Prize of Quality of Life: Trajectory of one decade (September2007)
  • Clinical Psychologist specialist in Psychosomatic, Stress, Health Psychology (since 1996)