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University & College - Wellness & Health Coach Certification Application


You have taken and completed one of our approved College or University level courses.

Students who successfully complete the requirements for these classes have an opportunity to gain the industry standard, and internationally recognized  Wellness & Health Coach Certification offered by Real Balance Global Wellness Services Inc. and can use the associated letters after their name. Students who pay the Certification fee and successfully complete the final exam are considered aulmini of Real Balance GWS and have access to the continuing education contact hours available for this class and can complete the steps needed to gain 37 Aprroved Coach Specific training hours with the International Coach Federation. www.coachfederation.org 

Students tudents have 6 months (from the close of your class) to complete the certifiation requirements. A $50 Certification incentive is in place for 90 days after the class ends bringing the Certification Application fee from $400.00 down to $350.00. Once you have completed the Certification Application you will be sent the information on how to access the Exam. The Exam is an open book exam allowing you time to research your answers.

Our wellness coach & health coach certification program leads to not only a personal transformation, but it will rapidly and profoundly improve your ability to help your clients make breakthroughs and lasting behavioral change towards health, fitness, and wellness!

Blending the best from the wellness field with the practical and effective skill-base of coaching, The Wellness 360°™ model of wellness coaching gives wellness and healthcare professionals the skills they need to help their clients make lasting lifestyle change. It is a systematic wellness and lifestyle coaching process, based on evidenced based behavioral change psychology, human motivation, cultural support, and professional coaching competencies.

There is a lifestyle aspect to all health challenges and lifestyle improvement that is much easier with allies. For many people their success at lifestyle change is largely determined by how well connected they are to a supportive culture of wellness around them. Healthcare and wellness professionals with wellness coaching skills can effectively guide their clients towards the lifestyle changes prescribed by the physician. The Wellness 360°™ certification training provides a structured, proven methodology that effectively supports the individual’s movement toward healthy lifestyle change.

Training in wellness coaching helps healthcare and wellness professionals shift the responsibility for change to the individual. Learning to create a true alliance with their “coach”, the individual discovers how to better form needed alliances with others and ask their environment for what they need. Together the client and coach create a wellness plan that will help the client to achieve their lifestyle improvement goals in any and all areas of welln


The Wellness & Health Coach Certification Webinar Training program is taught by the best in class faculty and includes:

  1. 16 two hour live webinars are held twice a week (Use of a USB headset will allow participants to access the audio through their computer with no additional charges. Those who choose to dial in are responsible for their own long-distance telephone costs)
  2. Playbacks of all live webinar classes are available for re-listening. When classes are missed participants view the recorded class and then request questions to be answered to gain credit for the missed class.
  3. 15+ webinar recordings of lectures on behavior change, motivation, and the many skills of coaching.
  4. A 253-page training manual – for the Wellness Coach Certification Training
  5. A 175-page training manual – for the Health Coach Certification Training
  6. A CD Tool Kit with useful forms, wellness coaching tools, presentations, and articles designed to be used with your clients. (customization available for a modest fee)
  7. Assigned buddies for practice coaching (one hour per week recommended)
  8. Weekly class outlines, handouts, and homework. Email and telephone support to coach practice clients
  9. Access monthly webinar" lunch & learns" and monthly e-newsletters
  10. Access to newly developed and updated wellness coaching tools and materials
  11. Use of Certification Logo’s
  12. Two frameable Certifications

What You Will Be Enabled To Do

Behavior change starts in the mind and heart, and you will learn to help clients develop the open and positive mindsets, a heartfelt vision, and lay down the building blocks necessary to navigate the challenging path of changing or even transforming lifestyles.

You will learn how to create a profound coaching relationships by talking less and helping your clients find their own answers and create a wellness plan that will guide them to lasting lifestyle change. Our coaching methodology integrateswellness and helath promotion principles, skills, methods, and tools of coaching psychology which draws from many domains including positive psychology, behavioral psychology, the transtheoretical model, motivational interviewing, appreciative inquiry, social psychology, relational cultural theory, adult development (constructive development), and social cognitive theory/self efficacy, and is consistent with the International Coach Federation’s core coaching competencies.

You will be able to:

· Use coaching skills, tools, and processes in all client interventions (individual or group) in consumer, corporate, health plan, hospital, physician practice, or health-club setting

· Become a professional and confident certified wellness coach and certified health coach on your own or within a wellness program.

· Systematically collect, assess, and help clients manage their health by creating a wellness plan with built in accountability and support.

· Work with your clients in a holistic manner leading to life satisfaction, health risk reduction, greater physical activity, mental and emotional fitness, better nutrition, stress reduction, and weight management.

· Apply evidence-based coaching skills and outcomes measurement

· Guide the development of client visions and wellness plan while following evidence-based national standards

· Track, evaluate, and adjust a client’s coaching program using the latest coaching techniques

· Empower your clients to establish and sustain a higher level of wellness than they can do alone!

You may use (optional) the Real Balance GWS, Tools for Well Living.

What you cannot do:

· Train others to be Wellness or Health Coaches

· Work outside of your scope of expertise

· Share or copy our materials without permission. Tools, articles and materials are for use by WM360°™ certified wellness & health coaches with their clients only.

The following professions may attain Continuing Education Contact Hour Credit for completion of the 32 hour Wellness & Health Coach Certification training program:

Professional Coaches: International Coach Federation – this program has been approved for 37 hrs of continuing coaching education for coaches or ICF coach specific training hrs.

Sports Medicine & Fitness Professionals: 32 hours toward ACSM (athletic trainers and sports medicine professionals) certification or recertification

Health Educators: 32 CHES CECH - this program has been approved for category 1 CHES or MCHES contact hours.

Nurses: This continuing nursing education activity was approved by the American Holistic Nurses Association’s Education Approver committee, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation.

Approved through: 9/12/2014

“Approval for contact hours through the AHNA is based on an assessment of the educational merit of this program and does not constitute endorsement of the use of any specific modality in the care of clients”.

Trainee must complete feedback survey for training program, exams, case study, and buddy coach requirements to receive participation documentation for continuing education.

Note to students with other professional associations Real Balance GWS is in the process of securing continuing education credits from other leading health, fitness, and mental health organizations. If we do not currently directly provide credit for your profession - we will assist you in applying directly to your professional accrediting body.

REGISTRATION:Payment plans available. Group (3 or more) and corporate partner (8 or more) discounts available. Our knowledge of your professional background, our science-based coaching methodology, state-of-the-art training by webinar and Live, allows Real Balance GWS to keep our costs significantly lower than other international coach training organizations. While international life coach or executive coach training programs typically charge fees of $4,000 to $8,000 and take 1-2 years or more, the intense WM360° wellness coach & health coach training program has been designed to meet the unique need of the experienced health, fitness, or mental health professional who wants an intense focus on health coaching or wellness coaching, wants access to evidence-based coaching psychology, and to a structured coaching model.

Interactive Webinars

Best Webinar Value

Save with early bird discounts and combining courses.

Live on Location Intensive Registration Fee

Certification cost and CE’s are included – there are no hidden fees!


Although we hope that you won't need to request a refund, we understand that you may need to cancel your registration and withdraw from the training program. You may cancel your Health Coach & Wellness Coach Training program registration at any time, and may receive a refund as detailed below. You must request program cancellation and refund in writing, by mail or email. Any applicable refund, will be determined by the date request is mailed, or sent (if requested by email).

• You may receive a full refund for cancellation, if requested within 10 days prior to the beginning of the class and before the materials have been sent.

• When needing to cancel your registration after 10 days prior to an arranged training, we will gladly register you for another class at a later date. (within two years)

Certification is renewed every 2 years with documentation 10 hours of continuing coaching education a year and $75.00 renewal fee.


If at anytime you have questions please feel free to contact Deborah@realbalance.com or the office 866-568-4702.

$75.00 each
Item not sold anymore

Audio review "Top Up" for the NCCHWC

Those who have successfully completed the core Wellness & Health Coach Certification through Real Balance GWS prior to 2016 and did not submit an audio coaching sessions for review this is an opportunity to do so in order to meet the requirements to apply to sit for the National Credential. We will review an audio recording and provide written critique based on the ICF core competencies. This is a needed additional requirement to gain the ICHWC credential during the transition phase using our Wellness & health coach Certification training. This is 50% discount to encourage your to "Top UP"

$249.99 each

Tool Customization Fee - Package

The Excel Tools were create purposefully in a template format. Once used you must change the file name in order to save the file.

Tools may also be customized to meet your professional and organizational needs. Please send your logo and colors to deborah@realbalance.com with your request.

Thank you,

Your Real Balance GWS Staff

For assistance or more information call 1-866-568-4702 Toll Free or email Deborah@realbalance.com

$9.95 each

CD Tool Kit Replacement disk

This covers the cost of replacing the CD and mailing it to you. Please make sure we have your correct name and address as well as when you attended the Wellness Coach Certification training.

$39.99 each

Tool Customization Fee - Single Tool

The Tools were create purposefully in a template format. Once used you must change the file name in order to save the file.

Tools may also be customized to meet your professional and organizational needs. Please send your logo and colors to deborah@realbalance.com with your request.

Thank you,

Your Real Balance GWS Staff

For assistance or more information call 1-866-568-4702 Toll Free or email Deborah@realbalance.com

$75.00 each

Certification Renewal

The Wellness & Health Coach Certification is renewaable every two years with documentation of 10 continuing coach education contact hours a year (20 contact hours total) Completion of our Renewal Request form and a $75.00 processing fee.


$200.00 each


Consult with Dr. Arloski about your program or business development.

$500.00 each

Mentor Coaching

Mentor Coaching with Dr. Michael Arloski. Make 3 payments of $500.00 using this link.
$750.00 each

Core Class Retake

You can retake the core 32 hour Wellness & Health Coach Certification training within 2 years for $750.00.

$3,800.00 each

Professional Wellness & Health Coach Certification Path

Professional Wellness & Health Coach Certification Path is a 1 year professional coaching path that prepares you to apply to the ICF for their advanced credential in coaching. This is the ACSTH approved path. When the 4 classes are bundled you save $800+.

Wellness & Health Coach Certification Class

Group Wellness Coaching class

Advanced Wellness Coaching Competencies: Practice and Applications

Mentor Coaching GRoup

$175.00 each

College Based - Certification Fee

The cost for Certification taken with a college or University is $350.00 if applied for within 3 months of the close of the college course. This link enables you to make 2 payments of $175.00 each. with the first payment you will be sent the exam and with the second payment you will be sent your Certification form and then the Certifications.

$124.99 each

Audio review of 1 wellness coaching sessions for the ICF

2 audio recording reviews are needed to apply to the International Coach FEderation for their advanced credential. We review 1 of theses as part of our standard certification requirements and will review the 2nd audio recording and provide written critique based on the ICF core competencies as needed to gain the National Credential with the ICF. This is a requirement to apply to the ICF for their advanced credential. We will assist you in the this proces just give us a call 866-568-4702 or email deborah@realbalance.com.

$200.00 each

Upgrade to Live Class Fee

This link enables you to upgrade your registration fee from a Wellness & Health Coach Certification webinar class to a live on location training.

$200.00 each

Wellness Group Coaching Experience

Experience a Wellness Coaching Group while working on your own Wellness Foundation!

$100.00 each

Wellness Group Coaching Experience - Continuation

Continue to experience a Wellness Coaching Group while working on your own Wellness Foundation!

4 Wednesdays from 7:30 – 8:45PM EST once a month  - 2/8, 3/8, 4/5 5/10

$350.00 each

Breakthrough Group Coaching Mastermind Class

5 Wednesdays from 7-9 PM EST once a month: 2/22, 3/23, 4/26, 5/24, 6/7

The focus: To design and deliver a wellness coaching group. You have learned about the what, how & why’s. Now it’s time to put it into practice and “just do it!” as Nike says.  Like coaching clients, coaches too can get stuck in Contemplation or Preparation forever.  Often the best way to figure out how to do it is to do it.   This class is intended to support you through the design and delivery of short but real a group.

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